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Anonymous asked: NELIPOT ISN'T A REAL WORD.

…aw, you’re right. Nelipot appears on several obscure word lists, but there isn’t any attribution to origin or first usage, and any citations on those lists circle back to each other. Sorry, guys! Looks like nelipot's not technically a word. My mistake. I usually conduct pretty thorough checks on the legitimacy and origin of posts, especially ones that come from submissions, but this one seems to have slipped through the cracks.

However, I’m not going to take the word down, especially in light of a particularly harsh comment about the word. My reply is here, and in summary: language changes. It must grow or it will die. The way language grows is by applying old rules to make new words, and by circulating those new words until they become ‘real’ words.

I love the word nelipot, and it has a solid etymology from the Greek for “barefoot” and some degree of usage in several published books and in various places on the internet. So as of now, I do declare it a word. Go forth and use it!

(I have the sneaking, awful suspicion that by doing that I’ve leaped down into a spiraling pit of subjectivity and linguistic ruin and that people will now get angry at me for presuming to declare the wordliness of words, but I think nelipot has a legitimate claim to being a word, so I’m going to claim literary license here and support its claim.)

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