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new laptop! (after much kerfuffle)

After waffling a bit, I ordered a Lenovo IdeaPad u300s laptop from the Lenovo website, since stores weren’t stocking that model anymore. A week later, I found out that they’d never even placed my order. After calling Lenovo’s sales folks several times, putting up with general rudeness and lack of knowledge from a few different representatives, being bounced between departments and even continents, being told I could no longer get the machine I paid for at the price I paid, getting an outstanding amount of conflicting information, misinformation, and plain crap, and finally getting hung up on in the middle of my sentence by an American sales guy, I gave it all up in disgust.

So I went to a Fry’s store today, picked up my second choice (an HP Folio 13), and was back home setting up a new laptop within the hour. 

I name all my electronics, so does anyone have any idea what to call this beautiful creature? My old laptop was Winston and my phone is Benedict, so I guess I favor potentially stodgy, slightly British male names, haha. Anyways, please be patient with me—I think I’ll be able to answer your asks and emails in much better time now that I have something to answer them on. I am happy as a clam!

EDIT: oh my heart I just pressed a button by accident and I didn’t even know this laptop had a backlit keyboard but it does

true story: today I used the bottom of my overheating laptop to iron a shirt

Reposted HERE because tumblr ate my other post’s reply feature

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