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true story: today I used the bottom of my overheating laptop to iron a shirt

And it was surprisingly effective! Useful as that is, though, it’s also completely ridiculous. I should not be able to iron clothes with my laptop, because that means that when it is on my lap, it is also ironing me.

If I’m going to continue updating other-wordly (and if I’m going to go to college), I need a new computer, but I’m not sure what to get. So, good followers, help me out! I’m looking for a laptop that fits most or all of these:

  • small and light: about a 11- to 13-inch screen so it’s reasonably portable
  • not bank-breaking: under $1,000, preferably under $800, because I am not made of money
  • good battery life: hopefully more than 4 hours, so it’s not useless
  • 128GB minimum hard drive: I use up a lot of space, so larger is preferred
  • good processor: something that can run image editing software without choking (so I can continue to maintain this blog!)

Or, even if it doesn’t fit the above, tell me about your laptop that you love and think I would love too—I can make exceptions.

(To clarify: mine is toast. There’s no saving it, cleaning the inside or not. And I currently use GIMP as a photo-editor, but that’s partly because my computer would burst into flames if I tried to install PS. But I also play games once in a while and I like running lots of programs at once, so if it can handle PS, it’ll handle all of that too.)

So what do you think: what computer should I buy?

true story: today I used the bottom of my overheating laptop to iron a shirt

Reposted HERE because tumblr ate my other post’s reply feature

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