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Anonymous asked: I don't know if this has been asked before but what is the word for the smell of ice or snow, the smell of rain is petrichor; is there one for crystallized water (it has a particular smell I'm not crazy right? lol)

I’ve had a number of people ask me about a word for this smell, so you’re definitely not alone. I know that smell too—it's a high, sharp scent. I want to say that it smells like metal looks, but then I sound crazy.

The thing is that English has very few words for specific scents. I don’t mean words for smells that are related to the things that produce them—it of course has words like fishy or tang or pine—but words like petrichor. (Petrichor is actually not just the smell of rain, but the smell of dry earth after rain. We lack a word for the smell of rain, too.) To my knowledge, there’s only one other, and it’s nidor, which is, um, the smell of burning animals. Or burning fat. Gross, I know. Ozone might count too.

Anyways, I’ve been searching for this word for a long time, without results. It definitely doesn’t exist (yet) in English. But, if you speak another language and know a word for it, please let me know

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