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Anonymous asked: the swedish word "fika" (drinking coffee along with eating something sweet), that you tagged as delicious and your personal favorite, means snot in hungarian. :D

Still delicious!

Okay no I’m kidding about that one, please don’t take me seriously. But that’s the fun thing about languages—a little confusing, but definitely fun. Input from even more languages:

anonymous said: "Fika" in swahili means to reach or to arrive.

melanie-baker said: A fika in Sweden can also be a date, fyi.

dragonflytehanu said: “Fika” (infinitive: “fikać”) is also a synonym to jump or hop in polish.

gatamiau said: Fica means stay in portuguese.

icanbakeyeah said: Fika in Hindi means “not sweet enough”. Referring to the taste.

lucky13astard said: “fica” in italian means “pussy.”

Meaning, of course, the cat.

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