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word (ex. nubivagant), language (ex. Portuguese), topic (ex. love),
part of speech (ex. noun), origin (ex. origin: Latin), first letter (ex. A)


Otherwordly is one year old today!

So I figured today would be a good time to announce that OTHERWORDLY IS GOING TO BE PUBLISHED BY CHRONICLE BOOKS!

asdf;lkj you guys I’m so thrilled. Think about it—soon you’ll be able to have a book full of strange and lovely words with you wherever you go! (I’ve even got a word for that: vade mecum, a favorite book carried everywhere. I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

And really, it’s been a great year all around. Otherwordly’s posted 473 words so far (the first was “saudade”) and the blog reached 50,000 followers just last week. So THANK YOU to each and every one of you wonderful word-lovers, and a million thank-yous to my agent John Cusick.

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