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word (ex. nubivagant), language (ex. Portuguese), topic (ex. love),
part of speech (ex. noun), origin (ex. origin: Latin), first letter (ex. A)


okay hang on a second

Hey, everybody, I’m sorry, but the “Out of curiosity…” part in my last post was meant to tip you off that it was just a hypothetical* question. I’m not looking for volunteers for another mod right now, and I probably never will be. Thank you to the 150+ people who said they would be willing to help, though!

* A rhetorical question is one that is asked just to make a point, and the asker doesn’t actually expect an answer. A hypothetical question is asked out of interest, but the asker does want you to answer.

Out of curiosity, if I was asking for one extra person to help me run this blog, would you volunteer? 

Anonymous asked: If you need help, you could always set up a queue, or get another mod.

I do usually have a queue, but setting up long queues ahead of time takes more concentration than I usually have, haha. The problem is just when my short queue runs out.

Sometimes I wish I had the energy of two people, but I don’t think I’ll be getting another mod. I’m totally delighted that I’m able to share this blog with everyone, but it’s personal, too—it’s about the words that make me shiver, that make me laugh, that tug at my heart. It’d be very different having to split that with another mod.

And boy, imagine having to pick a new mod. That would be insane. Thank you for the suggestions, though!

Anonymous asked: I think someone asked this already but, have any good words for the definition "better to be left unsaid"?

Nope, you’re the first! I do already have a post for it, though: tacenda, (n.) things better left unsaid, things to be passed over in silence.

Anonymous asked: do you have a master list for all of the words?

N-no? If you mean a page where there’s alphabetized links to all the words, then no—mostly because I’m not sure how useful that would be, in general. If you mean a page where there’s alphabetized links along with definitions, all on one page, then also no—mostly because wow that would take so much maintenance no sir.

If you just mean you want the pages where it’s just words and no text posts or answer posts or whatever, then that would be the #words tag.

I don’t know, do we need a master link list?

EDIT A few observant people have reminded me that I already tag all the words with their first letter. So if you like, you can just search each letter in the box at the top and get all the words beginning with that. I also tag with language, origin, and part of speech, among other things.

Anonymous asked: Wish you posted more often!

"Why, back in the good old days of 2011, gas was only $3.00 a gallon and Otherwordly posted two words a day, every day!”

I actually agree with you. I wish I could post more, and I did manage twice-a-day updates for a few months in the beginning. But now I do one post a day, Monday through Friday.

It’s just that hunting words takes a bit of time. Sometimes it’s hard to find words at all; sometimes I get distracted and end up just reading the books or essays or lists that I find the words in. Sometimes even scrolling to the bottom of my askbox for submissions takes a while.

I wish Otherwordly were my job, but right now college is my job, so for the time being, it’s going to be Monday-Friday, once a day. (Fair warning: occasionally I slip into nocturnal mode and am too asleep/busy/just tired during the day to remember to post. I apologize in advance, but, y’know, college.)

Thank you, though! I’m glad you want more Otherwordly. Always a good sign.

pronunciation | 'suf

pronunciation | 'suf

Anonymous asked: This blog contains the most beautiful words I have ever read.

Then I am doing something right!

The world is beautiful—strange and beautiful. And the people in it are lovely. I just came back from watching the Endeavour space shuttle pull into its new permanent home at the California Science Center, and there were so many different people there, and they were all cheering and talking and smiling even though they’d been waiting in the sun for hours. Just because they wanted their kids to be interested in the stars, just because they wanted to be part of history, just because they knew it was going to be magnificent. And it was another one of those “this is why I run this blog” moments—because I was struck by how amazing human beings are.

So thank you! It’s really good to hear. c:

Anonymous asked: A couple weeks ago you posted the word "caim", the one meaning a circle drawn around the body for protection and safety? I was wondering if you knew the origin of that word, like what language it comes from? Thanks! :)

I do, in fact! It’s a Scottish/Welsh word that originates from Celtic tradition. (I usually do have the origin for the words I post; if I know it, then I include it in very small font in the bottom right of the image, above my URL.)

submitted by | kagura-shingansubmit words | hereThis happened yesterday!

submitted by | kagura-shingan
submit words | here
This happened yesterday!

pronunciation | ob-dor-‘mi-shun submitted by | madgirlintheblog submit words | here

pronunciation | ob-dor-‘mi-shun
submitted by | madgirlintheblog
submit words | here

pronunciation | 'hob-bl-d-“hoi

pronunciation | 'hob-bl-d-“hoi

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