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frequently asked questions

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Is this really getting published? When can I buy the book?
It is getting published! My publisher is the wonderful Chronicle Books! I am so excited I can barely handle it! There are a lot of details that are still being finalized, but, like for any book, the process does take a while. More details as I get them.

Where do you get these words from? Do you have some sort of obscure dictionary, or some highly advanced English degree?
No and no (though I’m in college studying to get the latter). The internet is my best friend—I just sort of stumble across them, through Google or random browsing. In college, I meet lots of people who speak different languages, so sometimes when they find out that I have a word blog, they give me tips. Once in a while I’ll find one in a book. On one really lucky occasion I spotted a 365 New Words a Year calendar in a library, so I filched it, took it home to make posts, and then returned it the next day. No one was ever the wiser.

Are these words real, or do you just make them up? I bet you just make them up.
I don’t, I promise. All of them are real—or as real as words can be, since words are all invention anyways. Check out these posts [1] [2] [3] [4] for more information.

Do you write these definitions yourself?
Yes, I do. The words themselves belong to the whole world—words are neat like that!—but the text of the definitions does belong to me. If you find text here that looks like it matches text that someone else owns because they wrote it first, please contact me so I can remove it right away! Similarly, though, please do not copy definitions from me and claim them as your own.

What font do you use for the credit in the bottom corner?
Silkscreen, which is a super versatile pixel font that you can download free from its creator here.

Why don’t you use International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) for your pronunciations?
IPA is complicated enough to be near-unreadable to ordinary people. Well, at least I can’t make head or tail of it. My system, however, is easy to read (for you) and to type (for me). This post sums up my thoughts. 

Do you take submissions?
Yes indeed! I love submissions. Send them right here. Please do read the submission guidelines, since they’re very helpful for me.

How long does it take you to post submissions?
Eons. Geological eons. Okay, not quite that long, but I definitely don’t suggest that you hold your breath. I apologize—this doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate your submissions! 

What kind of submissions do you take?
Basically anything. Any language, part of speech, or length. I prefer single words, though short (short) phrases are alright too. I do, however, reserve the right to accept or not accept any submission. This blog posts a very specific sort of word that is really only defined in my mind. I’ll only post words that I think are “strange and lovely”. If your word doesn’t appear, I’m afraid to say that I probably thought it didn’t fit the feel of the blog.

Can you add _____ (etymology/research/links/pronunciation/origin/other info) to the image or the caption?
No. I don’t like clutter and the posts are crowded enough as it is; I won’t be adding anything else for now, and probably forever.

What exactly is the title of your blog? Sometimes there’s a hyphen and sometimes there isn’t? Sometimes you capitalize it? I’m confused??
Yeah, it confuses me too. In the early days of the blog, I kept changing how I referred to it, but now the official title of the blog is Otherwordly (not Otherworldly; careful of the extra L), capitalized and one word like so. The tumblr URL is other-wordly. 

Can I find Otherwordly anywhere else on the vast wild internet?
Yes! There’s a Facebook, a Twitter, and a Pinterest, (and also a Goodreads that I never used) and you can email me at the Gmail address. Any other pages than these listed aren’t affiliated with me or this blog.


Can you find me a word that means ______ (a specific concept)?
Unfortunately, it’s pretty hard to find a word when you only know what meaning you want it to have. I get tons of requests like this that I can’t properly fulfill. If you would like to ask me anyways (because sometimes I can find you something), please ask with your tumblr name and not as anon, since I don’t prefer to answer questions like these on the public blog.

Why do you have that horrible ugly origin in the bottom right? I liked it much better without.
See this post. Basically, it cuts down on the messages people send me asking for origin information. I’m not the world’s biggest fan of it myself, but I have my reasons, and I simply can’t handle the result of not having it.

Is your answer/reply blog really askotherwordly?
Yes. I don’t like not being able to reply to things or send asks as Otherwordly (since Tumblr is ridiculous like that), so I have that under a separate account in case I ever need it.

I hate you/your blog/your house plants because of _____. In fact, I hate you so much that I’m sending you this message to tell you that I’m unfollowing you.
Well, that is certainly your right! Sorry to see you go. Have a nice day.

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