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word (ex. nubivagant), language (ex. Portuguese), topic (ex. love),
part of speech (ex. noun), origin (ex. origin: Latin), first letter (ex. A)



What is Otherwordly?
The name Otherwordly comes from ‘otherworldly’, something strange and lovely. So this blog is about strange and lovely words. Sometimes those are words from other languages that can’t be translated. Sometimes they’re words for feelings we’ve felt but never been able to name. Sometimes they’re just words that sound good.

How can I contact you?


Email: otherwordlyblog@gmail.com
Agent: Scott Treimel at STNY

Who are you?
Hi! I’m Yee-Lum. I’m a creative writing major, I tweet infrequently here, and yes, I’m a girl. Things dear to my heart include coffee, longboarding, trains, people, dogs, and this poem. I’m in love with cathedrals and with words.

Let us be reckless of our words and worlds,
And spend them freely as the tree his leaves.

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